Business After Hours

About the Event

Hosting a Business After Hours (BAH) event at your business is a great opportunity to gain exposure for your business. It's a great event where the community connects and has fun at the same time. It's invaluable advertising for your business that you can't buy anywhere else.

Time & Event Options

Business After Hours are held on the third Thursday of the month from 5:00 pm to 6:30 pm. Reservations for upcoming Business After Hours are now being booked. There are two cost options for hosting a BAH event:

  • Option A: Non-Alcohol ($500)
  • Option B: Alcohol ($600)

Chamber Provides

The Chamber provides all beverages, permits, bartenders, cups, and beverage napkins, and sends invitations to all Chamber members.

Business Provides

The hosting business provides the venue, food, and door prizes for the event. Entertainment may be provided but is optional.


To book your Business After Hours event, contact us at (662)453-4152 or email. For the Business After Hours Contract, including a complete overview of how responsibilities are split CLICK HERE

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