John Maxwell Leadership Series

We are proud to offer customized seminars based on topics and books from John Maxwell, the world's leading expert on leadership.

Leadership Development

Beth Stevens, our executive director, is a CERTIFIED John Maxwell speaker, trainer and coach. She can come to your place of business and customize a training for your management team, staff or employees. The Chamber will also offer seminars to its members throughout the year. Be sure to check our CALENDAR OF EVENTS for upcoming seminars. 

Seminar Topics / Titles Can Include:

  • The 17 Laws of Teamwork
  • Learning to Become A Person of Influence
  • Developing The Leader Within You
  • Leadership Gold 
  • Everyone Communicates, Few Connect
  • The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth

DISC Personality Indicator Assessments

Beth is also a certified DISC Instructor. The DISC Personality Indicator Report is highly effective and widely used worldwide to screen employees, managers and potential hires to develop a stronger sense of teamwork and communication in a company or business based on four personality styles.  The DISC assessment can be purchased from the Chamber for $50 per person. Beth can also follow up with customized training for employees, staff and managers once a team has taken the assessment. Each year, the Chamber utilitizes the DISC Assessment with its Leadership Greenwood program. 

We will be happy to contact you with more information. Click one of the options below to send us an email, and we will follow up with you. 
Leadership Training
DISC Assessments 


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